In most real estate transactions the buyer is the one to order the home inspection. But seller’s home inspections are rising in popularity. 

Having an inspection of your home prior to listing puts you, the seller, in control.

What is the Purpose of a Pre-Listing Seller’s Home Inspection?

A pre-listing inspection provides seller’s with a thorough understanding of the quality of their home and property and eliminates any surprises that might arise from the buyer’s home inspection. This gives sellers the power to make any repairs prior to listing.

Nobody wants to be caught off guard in the middle of selling a home by learning that their home needs a new roof. Having a pre-listing inspection provides important information before your home even hits the market so you can make an educated decision on repairs without the time crunch that comes with a buyer’s inspection.

Differences in Seller’s and Buyer’s Home Inspections

Seller’s home inspections are identical to buyer’s inspections in nearly every way. A home inspector would perform the inspection the same, regardless of who is paying for it. The only real difference is the name on the inspection form. 

Just like a buyer’s inspection, a seller’s home inspection focuses on making sure the systems in the home are functional and free from problems. The inspector will inspect the heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical, roof and structure, exterior of the house, doors and windows, and more.

Why Get a Seller’s Inspection?

The following examples of Jill and Nancy illustrate the importance of pre-listing seller’s inspections in Utah.

Jill is getting ready to sell her home in Utah. She hires an inspector before listing to have a seller’s home inspection done. The inspector finds that her HVAC system isn’t operating properly. Jill then has a choice of whether to fix the HVAC system or disclose that upon listing and adjust the asking price accordingly.

Nancy is also selling her home. She doesn’t bother with a home inspection because the buyer will pay for one anyway. She lists her home and accepts an offer quickly. When the buyer’s inspector comes, he finds that her HVAC system needs replaced. The buyer asks Nancy to replace the system in order to proceed. Nancy is caught off-guard and doesn’t have the cash on hand to replace the system, so the buyer asks for a major price reduction or they will walk.

A pre-listing seller’s inspection made Jill’s experience much easier and less stressful. Nancy would certainly have benefitted from one, too.

Call Your Home Inspection Pros

A seller’s home inspection is essential to successfully selling your Utah home. An untrained eye can easily miss problems or issues with your home that are important to know prior to selling. Your Home Inspection Pros have years of experience with home and commercial inspections. We go the extra mile and even provide thermal imaging with every inspection. We offer services across several counties in northern Utah including Salt Lake, Davis, Wasatch, Tooele, and Utah County. Schedule your inspection today!