A professional home inspection is an integral part of buying and selling a house, but if it’s your first inspection, there can be many unknowns. 

You might find yourself asking questions such as, how long does it take? Do you need to be there the entire time? Is there anything you need to take care of beforehand? Our guide will walk you through everything you need to know.

Average Time Spent on a Professional Home Inspection

The exact length of a home inspection will depend on a few factors, including the size and type of the home and what kind of condition it’s in. A condo or townhome takes 1-1.5 hours on average, while a typical single-family home takes about 2-2.5 hours. Houses with extra rooms and more square feet may take longer, but your home inspector will let you know what to expect for your specific situation.

Why Do Home Inspections Take So Long?

Professional home inspections are highly involved. Your inspector will take a thorough and detailed look at all of the following areas of the home, as well as many other areas not listed:

  • Home structure and foundation
  • Plumbing and electrical systems
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems
  • Roof and gutters
  • Windows and doors
  • Interior walls and ceiling
  • Kitchen and bathrooms
  • All appliances
  • Basement and crawl spaces
  • Garages, carports, driveways, and walkways
  • Sprinkling system

It’s important to realize that professional inspectors don’t simply look at something to determine its functionality. They have the training to turn things on, test them all, and ensure everything is in good shape. For example, if a bathroom has a jetted tub, the inspector will fill the tub with water and then turn on the jets to ensure they are in good working order. They do things like run the dishwasher, test the hot and cold water, and look into the attic to check for proper insulation. Those 2.5 hours of the inspection are jam-packed.

Do I Need to Stick Around for the Inspection?

Most home inspectors will communicate clearly when and for how long you need to be there. Typically, the inspector will arrive first and complete their inspection on their own. They will then have you meet them at the property, and they will walk through the home with you and discuss their findings. They will show you any problems they found and send you a detailed written report afterward. So most of the time, you’ll only need to be there for about 30 minutes, even though the entire inspection may take closer to 3 hours.

Your Home Inspection Pros is Here

A home will probably be the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. At Your Home Inspection Pros, we know that a professional home inspection is the best way to ensure you’re making a sound investment. Our certified inspector, Parrish Kunkel, goes the extra mile to ensure he doesn’t miss a thing. We perform business and home inspections throughout northern Utah, including Salt Lake City, Orem, Lehi, Heber City, Tooele, and West Valley. Schedule your home inspection today!